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What Our Customers Are Saying

I used to think all water is the same until I tried Lasena water, omo one try was all I needed to know the big difference in water, I had to sign up for 10 packs monthly to be delivered. From now on Lasena water is my primary source of drinking water only Lasena water will be going into my body! But I do wish the bottles were more prestigious in the packaging like they should have glass versions of the bottle since it is a unique alkaline water, but that's just my only little personal complaint and doesn't really affect the product.
Adaku Adams
I drink Lasena water daily, it really has the purest taste. I decided to order these in bulk so that I didn’t have to make so many trips to the store. These bottles arrived perfectly sealed and not a single bottle leaked. There were customers reviewing that it wasn’t the real Lasena water, but it really is. Taste exactly the same! The only con would be that my friends keep rushing it when I put it in my fridge. I will definitely be ordering again!
Amaka Ifeanyi
By far the best water in the market. My patients and family are living testimonies of this product we love the natural taste of this water.
Dr. Matthew Collins

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