35cl Pack of 24 Bottles


Lasena Aretsian Natural Alkaline Mineral Water – 35CL Pack of 24 Bottles


Located in a pristine, serene and hygienic mangrove rain forest region of West Africa, Lasena® Artesian Natural Mineral Water comes from a free flowing and renewable artesian thermal aquifer within the earth crust, from a depth of 522 meters, with a natural pH of 7.78 and has a natural temperature of 70oC. Lasena Water is a perfect result of thousand years journey of rain fall, As rain falls on this pristine rain forest, it slowly filters through 16 layers of soil formations, mainly clay, gradually gathering natural minerals and anti-oxidants that gives Lasena Water its soft smooth taste. Every drop is worth the wait. The water in this natural artesian aquifer is shielded from external elements; it is forced out to the surface by natural hydrostatic pressure through a sealed delivery system, which means without the aid of a pumping machine, where it’s bottled at the source, free from human contact. Direct from nature to you. NOTHING ADDED, NOTHING REMOVED TM.


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