Our Story

Our story begins as clouds,

High above a pristine, serene and hygienic mangrove rain forest region of West Africa, tropical rain clouds begin to form. 
The tropical rain falls on this majestic pristine rain forest, slowly filtered by 16 layers of soil formation mainly clay, with each drop, it slowly gathers natural minerals and electrolytes that creates the clean, crisp, refreshing, and soft smooth texture of Lasena Water. 
Lasena Water settles 522 meters below the earth crust in a natural artesian thermal aquifer with a natural temperature of 70 degrees Celsius protected and preserved from external elements.
It is a known that no disease can survive in an alkaline environment, Lasena Water is MOTHER NATURE’S UNIQUE GIFT.
90% of human diseases are caused by acidosis (excess acid on the body). If you really care about your health, then make the right choice, choose Lasena Artesian Mineral Water today as your only drinking water.
Lasena is Nature’s 100% antidote to acidosis.
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