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Would You Like To Have Amazing Health Within The Next 60 days Without Spending A Lot Of Money On Medication Or Constantly Visiting The Hospital?

If Your Answer Is Yes, Then This Is The Most Important Website You Will Ever Visit. You Will Love The Information We Are About To Share With You.




Most people take their health for granted until they are down with very serious ailment. They think that diseases are from “the outer space”, afflicted on them by their “enemies from the village”, especially in developing countries. 

Unfortunately, this is a very wrong way of looking at diseases and ailments. 

What we call disease / ailment is a situation where we are not at ease; that is, we are ‘dis-eased’.

We are always not at ease because of what we eat, drink and our routine lifestyle.



As a routine, most people consume their daily meals without proper digestion or taking enough of the right type of water and they go to bed. They repeat this ritual over-and-over again, without properly eliminating the acidic wastes resulting from their previous meals.

Hence, this increases the toxic waste in the body, which would eventually result to diseases causing illness.

The question now is,
How can one be at ease and reduce those acidic wastes in our system?




The secret to remain at ease and healthy, which means excellent health at all time, is to routinely and regularly eliminate the acidic wastes in our bodies through frequent urination, and emptying our bowels as often during the cause of the day. 

The easiest way to achieve this is to drink at least 4 liters of Lasena Artesian Natural Alkaline Mineral Water daily, depending on your body weight in proposition to your mass.

There is an amazing feeling when you are at ease with yourself, with a lot of energy and vibrancy, no matter your age. If you do this as a matter of routine, you may have no reason to visit any doctor throughout your life.


  •     Increase blood circulation
  • It taste better than other chlorinated water available in the market 
  •         Fights cancer cells all disease cannot survive in an alkaline environment
  •         Proven to help against ulcers (when the body is clean it can easily repair itself) , drink 4 liters daily to boost your health and let your body heal.
  •         Be at ease with your health and say goodbye to insomnia, ( Drink one 50cl of lasena water 15 min before bed and you will get a sound sleep.
  •         Lower your sugar level by constantly ensuring you alkalize your body
  •         Neutralize minor headache by regularly drinking a minimum of 4 liters of lasena water daily
  •         This simple natural product will enhance your immune system
  •         Drinking at least 4 liters of lasena will keep you hydrated for a longer period daily
  •         Feel rejuvenated
  •         Feel invigorated no matter your age
  •         Easiest way to flush out excess acid waste from the body
  •         Easily detoxify your body with no side effects
  •         Easily lose 5kg of excess waste from your body by drinking 4 liters daily
  •         Drinking lasena cleanses the liver & Gus stomach
  •         Cleanses your skin leaving you glowing and radiant
  •         Soothe Acid reflux
  •         Reduce high blood pressure, Blood sugar, and cholesterol
  •         Increase Longevity
  •         Improve bone health recover/prevent arthritis
  •         Indigestion drinking lasena water daily reduces your likelihood of having high acidity of the intestinal tract
  •         It reduces the level of pepsin, which is known to cause heartburn and indigestion.
  •         Improve energy levels, tackle your day feeling clean, rejuvenate, hydrated and energized.
  •         Lasena water helps in reducing the rate of weight gained in obesity
  •         Helps in carrying more oxygen and hydrogen to the blood,This helps sickle cell patient be at ease and have an improved life 

And lots more, the benefits are endless..



If you have been battling with high blood pressure, sickle cell, cancer, peptic ulcer, (diabetic patients) /high sugar level, blurry vision, frequent headache, dry skin, obesity, Tiredness low energy levels, insomnia (finding it difficult to sleep), indigestion and several other diseases then our natural product is for you.


Use our natural product for the next 60 days and do not be impatient to get quick improvements and restoration. 

It is a gradual natural process with no side effects.


Our natural water is “NOT A DRUG” but simply water gotten from nature which has 12 naturally occuring mineral such as Calcium, magnesium, zinc, copper, potassium, bicarbonate and other natural minerals and electrolytes which are amazing for detoxifying and keeping the body clean. It is the best water that nature has provided.


Scientists and medical experts all agree that no disease can survive in an alkaline environment. 

Proper natural detoxification is the best way to remain healthy, free from all acid related disease and illness. 

This is because when your internal organs are clean, you can hardly fall ill. 

This is why lasena natural Alkaline water remains the best method of naturally detoxifying and cleansing your internal organs.



Realistically transform and Achieve amazing health within 60 days of drinking only lasena water.

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