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Nature’s gift to Man



With over 13 years of experience and with water management and purification, our scientific team of nerdy professionals produces high quality clean and artesian pure ware for you. Working even harder by the second t raise/improve Lasena’s quality/standard.



Thousands of researches over the years have empirically prove that the best water for daily consumption is artesian water. It facilitates proper bowel movement and overall body metabolism and no artesian beats Lasena.



They say only the purest off wates make the heavens as pure waters are said can purify the soul. Fancy words aside, Lasena guarantees pure, fine artesian water harnest from the crust of mother nature herself.

Located in a pristine, serene and hygienic mangrove rain forest region of West Africa, Lasena® Artesian Natural Mineral Water comes from a free flowing and renewable artesian thermal aquifer within the earth crust, from a depth of 522 meters, with a natural pH of 7.78 and has a natural temperature of 70oC. Lasena Water is a perfect result of thousand years journey of rain fall, As rain falls on this pristine rain forest, it slowly filters through 16 layers of soil formations, mainly clay, gradually gathering natural minerals and anti-oxidants that gives Lasena Water its soft smooth taste. Every drop is worth the wait. The water in this natural artesian aquifer is shielded from external elements; it is forced out to the surface by natural hydrostatic pressure through a sealed delivery system, which means without the aid of a pumping machine, where it’s bottled at the source, free from human contact. Direct from nature to you. NOTHING ADDED, NOTHING REMOVED TM.

Lasena Water was serendipitously discovered in November 2009. Conveniently located in a mangrove forest region in West Africa, Lasena Water is Mother Nature’s most valuable treasure. She kept it hidden deep down in the earth crust for millions of years, and just when women, men and children who seek for good life began to get really worried about where they could find the best drinkable water with ZERO-ADDITIVE, the way that nature wants water to be, we began the search, because we care about quality living for the human race. After investing some of our greatest hearts, minds and other resources to satisfy this desire, Mother Nature thankfully paid back for our efforts, out of the blues, with one of the only twenty-one nature-made aquifers in the world.
Imagine our pleasure when she released the first spurt of this treasure that we call Lasena! It is this natural treasure that we have packaged for you. Luckily for us, this happens to be the best water in the world that Mother Nature has provided! We invite you to drink to your health. Lasena Water is available around the country in pharmacist, stores, fine hotels, gyms, restaurants, retail locations, as well as local pick up and direct delivery.
Lasena Water is committed to keeping its water free from preservatives and additives. Our water is officially and specifically labeled “natural” because unlike other waters from man-made Borehole wells, Lasena Water rises naturally to the surface of the earth where it is bottled – untouched – to this day. We at Lasena are committed to doing business responsibly and seeking opportunities to make a difference. That means investing in its communities and the environment and focusing its efforts around meaningful issues with like-minded partners to ensure positive change.

We invite you to

to your

Lasena Water is available around the country in pharmacist, stores, fine hotels, gyms, restaurants, retail locations, as well as local pick up and direct delivery.

Mineral Composition of Lasena Water

    • Bicarbonate
    • Silica
    • Calcium
    • Copper
    • Chloride
    • Magnesium
    • Sulphate
    • Nitrate
    • Zinc
    • Floride
    • Pottassium
    • Total Dissolve Solid
    • Conductivity
    • Sodium

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