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The Levitating and Gushing Lasena Artesian Thermal Aquifer, Flowing 24/7 With Natural Hydrostatic Pressure

The source and history of our water

Lasena Artesian Natural Alkaline Mineral Water, is sourced from a flowing and renewable artesian thermal aquifer. Artesian is derived from the word Artois a small town in France where the second artesian aquifer in the world was discovered in 1126AD by some catholic monks from Rome. Lasena Artesian Thermal Aquifer was
serendipitously discovered in 2009 after three failed attempts to get normal borehole water that would be treated and purified just like the normal distilled table water.

 The discovery is actually the story of serendipity. The Aquifer has a natural temperature of 70° C and it is a pumpless aquifer flowing effortlessly 24/7. The aquifer transverses 16 layers of clay soil, to a depth of 522 meters (2000 feet). The water has several natural minerals in trace elements, including Zinc and Copper with a natural pH of 7.78. The aquifer is located in a serene, pristine and hygienic eco sysytem that has not been abused by man in the mangrove rainforest region of OPIC in Ogun State, Nigeria, West Africa.

Health Benefits of lasena Artesian natural alkaline water

The truth is that most people take their health for granted until they are down with very serious ailment. They think that diseases are from the outer space afflicted on them by their “enemies”, especially in backward developing countries. This is a very wrong way of looking at diseases. What we call disease is a situation where we are not at ease; that is, we are dis-eased. We are always not at ease because of what we eat, drink and our lifestyle. As a routine, most people eat in the morning (breakfast), eat in the afternoon (Lunch) and eat in the evening (dinner) and they go to bed. They wake up in the morning and repeat the rituals all over again, without eliminating the acidic wastes resulting from their previous meals. The question is, how can you be at ease with all those acidic wastes in your system, which will begin to poison your body, leading to various diseases. The secret to remain at ease, which means excellent health at all time, is to routinely and regularly eliminate the acidic wastes in our bodies through frequent urination, and emptying our bowels at least once a day; preferably in the morning. The easiest way to achieve this is to drink at least 4 liters of Lasena Artesian Natural Alkaline Mineral Water daily, depending on your weight. There is an amazing feeling when you are at ease with yourself, with a lot of energy and vibrancy, no matter your age. If you do this as a matter of routine, you may have no reason to visit any doctor throughout your life.

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Facts about Lasena Water

  1.  Don’t forget that water is life! The total weight of the human body is about 75% of water. Therefore it matters which water you drink. Human beings are water being. We must drink enough natural alkaline water daily. We should not be impatient to get quick improvement and restoration of our health challenges, which have been with us for a considerable length of time. It is a gradual natural process with no side effects.
  2. Those with chronic peptic ulcer, high blood pressure and high sugar level (diabetic patients), cancer, insomnia, indigestion and several other diseases, which are caused by Acidosis will generally sleep better at night to be well rejuvenated in the morning to give noticeable relief to their health concerns by drinking Lasena Artesian Natural Alkaline Mineral Water daily. 
  3. The health efficacy of Natural Detoxification: Medical experts all agreed that proper natural detoxification is the best way to remain healthy, free from all Acid related diseases. This is because when your internal organs are clean, you can hardly fall ill. This is why Lasena Artesian Natural Alkaline Mineral Water and Lasena Natural Steam Bath Sauna, remain the best methods of natural detoxification, which guaranty excellent health.
  4. Once again, remember that LASENA ARTESIAN ALKALINE NATURAL MINERALWATER, is “NOTADRUG”, but simply water produced by Mother Nature and packaged by OGC Food and Beverages Limited for the health benefits of man. It is the “best water in the world that nature has provided”. NOTE THAT: No disease can survive in an alkaline environment(Dr. Otto Heinrich Warburg (Nobel Laureate)

How many litres to be
Taken daily.

When consumers ask this question, the answer is, at least 4 litres a day; but if you can exceed 4 litres the better for your health. The better you are well hydrated with natural alkaline mineral water, the better your wellness

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